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What happens at our Child Care Center?
Walk through a two year old’s day at Little Einstein Preschool

We believe in a balanced day for your child. We create the perfect mix between quiet and active times, large and small group learning, child-initiated activities, and teacher-facilitated lessons to create a day full of learning and fun!

Reading Aloud

We love a good book! Each day at our child care center we set aside time to read together. Reading encourages children to learn new words as we read simple, repetitive stories with predictable text. Our toddlers begin to have favorite books that they request over and over. Our youngest readers interact by pointing to pictures, making gestures, sounds, and knowing what comes next.

Small Groups: Educate

Each day, toddlers are invited to learn in small groups. During our Education Small Group, we focus on developmentally appropriate math, literacy, and science activities. Through fun, interactive games and engagements, our teachers provide toddlers with an educational foundation for their emerging skills.

Imagining Together

Everyday our child care center makes time to gather and share stories. Being together allows toddlers to get to know their friends and play learning games. During this time, we also sing and dance as they learn new songs and listen to music.

Small Groups: Explore

We know that a large part of a toddler’s learning happens through their senses. Every day, in our Exploration Small Group, teachers plan activities in the following areas: Creative Arts, Sensory and Open Ended Materials. These hands-on experiences facilitate toddlers’ discovery learning

Meals & Snacks

Toddlers are introduced to nutritious foods for daily meals and snacks. We help toddlers develop independence and good eating habits. Intimate classroom dining allows children to eat at their own pace in a familiar environment. Teachers and children sit and eat together, sharing good food and conversation.

Learning Centers

Toddlers have the opportunity to explore the following learning centers as part of their daily Enriching Play: Blocks and Building, Language and Books, Fine Motor and Manipulatives, Music, Dramatic Play, and Creative Arts. Our teachers also create a variety of props and learning games to enhance toddler’s learning and engage their curiosity and imagination

Outdoor Fun & Exercise

At Einstein Tree House, our classroom learning extends to the outdoors as our teachers plan daily, interactive outdoor enrichments. You will find games, water play, sand play, books and chalk in our outdoor “classrooms.” Each class is scheduled for outside time twice daily in an age appropriate play area. Our play equipment on each playground meets the highest standards and is designed to maximize fun and safety for all ages