Our Programs at Little Einstein

With so many programs to offer your little ones here at Little Einstein Preschool, we are always looking for more ways to support your entire family. We do this through programs like Summer Camp, Parents’ Night Out, and our supportive Momma Bears program.

Summer Camp keeps your children occupied in an educational yet fun way. Exploring the world around them through activities and structured learning helps them grow in many ways.

Parents’ Night Out lets parents reconnect without having little ones in tow. While the parents are enjoying some alone time with each other, the kids are having fun in a safe and friendly environment.

Momma Bears gives parents a safe and educational place for their children to play while they go to job interviews. The peace of mind you’ll have knowing your kids are well cared for so you can look for employment is priceless.

Summer Camp

Jump on board as we stamp our passports and travel through the summer fun. Little Einstein Preschool Kids Club will be traveling the whole summer through adventures!

• 5 weekly field trips
• Weekly themes: spy week, ocean week, camp week, insect week, and so much more.
• We keep your school-agers busy, as well as work on their education needs throughout the summer and all their school breaks.

Contact us for more info.

Parents’ Night Out

Every parent needs a little time to themselves!

Little Einstein Preschool offers “Parents’ Night Out” and “Parents’ Night Sleep Over” events throughout the year so you can head out without the kiddos, because let’s face it – they’re the light of our lives, but sometimes we want a night for ourselves!

We will feed your kids, plan activities, and give needed TLC to your little ones. While you go out on the town!

We accept children from infant to school age for our Parents’ Night Out events.

BASIC PARENTS’ NIGHT OUT: 6pm to midnight.


Sleep Over is only $10 extra!


Sorry, we don’t have an upcoming Night Out to register for just yet … check back soon!

Momma Bear Program

Helping Momma Bears Get Back To Work
We are proud to offer parents our Momma Bear Program.

Momma Bear is for parents that need to go for a job interview, but don’t have the money for childcare. We want nothing more than to help keep kids safe. You should not have to put your child in a dangerous situation in order to go to that job interview.

Let us help.


• 3 hour max per interview
• Interviewer needs to sign a form upon drop-off
• Go to the Forms tab and print the Emergency Form.
• Bring a copy of your child’s shot records.
• Subject to childcare availability. Must call to make sure there is room.