About Little Einstein Preschool in Mesa, AZ.

We are a play-based preschool in Mesa, AZ. We care for children from infant to 12 years old and provide a range of age-appropriate resources and activities to encourage their development right up until they are ready to join school.

Little Einstein Preschool childcare

Who We Are

Little Einstein Preschool got its start in Mesa in 2013. We decided to do things a bit differently at our preschool by creating a space which fosters early learning in a fun and safe environment where children from infants to 12 years old can explore the world around them.

We believe our innovative approach gives children a bright and positive start in life as we encourage exploration, discovery, emotional intelligence and building friendships.

Little Einstein Preschool childcare
Little Einstein Preschool childcare

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on learning, exploration and creativity. By blending indoor and outdoor classrooms and environments in a home-away-from-home environment, we can create a space where children feel empowered and ready to learn.

Little Einstein Preschool childcare
Little Einstein preschool parent pack

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We’d love to send you a FREE Parent Pack, full of helpful information about Little Einstein Preschool.

Little Einstein Preschool parent pack

Get Our Free Parent Pack

We’d love to send you a FREE Parent Pack, full of helpful information about Little Einstein Preschool.

About Our Mesa Location

When you visit us here at preschool, you’ll see firsthand what makes us different! 

Our preschool includes:

Our very own farm! We have baby chicks and piglets for our children tend to and take care of! 

A beautiful garden where children have the opportunity to take part in gardening during certain seasons of the year. 

A dedicated potty training room to support your child!

Live camera so parents can see what their child gets up to throughout their day! 

We offer various activities, including gardening, music, dance and more.

About Our Rooms

Little Einstein Preschool offers child care services across different classrooms, sorted by age to cater to each groups specific needs. All classrooms offer a balanced mix of quiet and active times, small and large group learning, and teacher-facilitated and child-initiated activities, and what makes them special for each child.

The daily schedule includes age-appropriate reading time, interactive games, and healthy meals. The classrooms offer play-based learning and promote outdoor activities like water and sand play, reading, and artistic expression with chalk.

Elephant Room (Infants)

At Little Einstein Preschool, we understand that every infant is special and unique. Our dedicated infant care teachers take the time to get to know each child’s individual needs and routines, including their feeding and sleeping schedules, and any comfort items they may have.

We customize each baby’s day to ensure that they receive the love and attention they need. During daily routines such as meal times and care routines, our caregivers interact with babies by talking, singing, and playing, turning each moment into a potential learning opportunity. We encourage babies to be active by providing opportunities for tummy time, rolling, crawling, pulling up and reaching. We also take babies outside for fresh air and stroller walks. 

Our curriculum is woven into every child’s daily schedule, and we Enrich, Explore, and Educate during times when the babies are alert and ready to learn. Our teachers post weekly activities on the Classroom Communication Board and Lesson Plans, so families can stay informed.

Giraffe Room (One-year-olds)

Little Einstein Preschool offers a well-rounded and balanced day for one-year-olds. Our Education Small Group provides developmentally appropriate activities in math, literacy and science. Our teachers use fun and interactive games to establish a solid foundation for emerging skills. We know that imagination is an important aspect of learning, which is why we make time to gather and share stories every day. 

We focus on sensory experiences in creative arts, sensory play, and open-ended materials. We provide hands-on activities to foster a love of learning through play. We offer opportunities for children to explore blocks and building, languages and books, fine motor and manipulatives, music, dramatic play, and creative arts. Our teachers create a variety of props and learning games to enhance toddlers’ learning and engage their curiosity and imagination. 

Monkeys Room (Two-year-olds)

We believe that balance is key to a two-year-old’s day at our child care center. Our Monkey’s room provides a mix of quiet and active times, small and large group learning, and child-initiated and teacher-facilitated activities, all of which make for a fun and enriching day! 

Our toddlers learn in small groups every day. We focus on developmentally appropriate math, literacy, and science activities. Our teachers engage our Monkeys in fun and interactive games that provide a strong educational foundation for their emerging skills. They also share stories, engage in learning games, and sing and dance, allowing them to have fun and build friendships. 

We offer our Exploration Small Group every day. Our teachers plan activities that involve creative arts, sensory and open-ended materials, and other hands-on experiences that facilitate discovery learning.

Koalas Room (Three-years-olds)

We gather all our three-year-olds as a group to talk about our day, plan our learning journey, and share stories. Children explore and experiment in small groups as they solve problems and record their observations. Our teachers integrate elements of science, math, social studies, and creative arts each day to encourage children to develop their skills. 

Our teachers often read stories aloud to foster a love for reading and encourage children to read. They plan rich literacy engagements every day that develop essential skills such as concepts of print, phonological awareness, letter-sound knowledge, vocabulary, oral language, listening, and reading comprehension. 

Children lead their own learning during our Enriching Playtime. Our center is designed to give children independence and promote unique learning opportunities. Children can choose from a variety of activities including dramatic play, construction, literacy, writing, creative arts, math/manipulatives, science, computers, easel and sensory tables.

Lions Room (Preschool Age) 

Once your child enters our Lions room, we begin to incorporate a more structured learning day to help ready them for their upcoming school days. We aim to teach emotional, social, and cognitive concepts that are easily understood and incorporated into their daily lives. Our preschoolers will experience a range of activities that will introduce them to different developmental concepts:

Our curriculum includes:

🗣️ Language and Literacy: Learning to associate sounds with written words, identifying all letters of the alphabet, and learning to write their name and familiar words. They will also explore shapes, numbers, colors, and much more!

🔣 Mathematics: Learning to match, sort, make comparisons between objects, and understand complex concepts like over, under, behind, and in front.

🔬 Learning About the World & Science:  Participating in simple investigations, predicting results based on past experiences, and learning the importance of collecting, describing, and recording information.

🧠 Approaches to Learning: Developing an eagerness to learn about new ideas, maintaining concentration despite distractions, and increasing the ability to find more than one solution to a question or problem.

🏃‍♂️ Physical Health & Development: Improving hand-eye coordination through ball games, growing independence in personal hygiene, and using pencils, markers, scissors, and paintbrushes with increased control.

🧑‍🎓 At Little Einstein Preschool, we believe that learning should be fun and engaging. We strive to provide a nurturing environment that encourages exploration and discovery while preparing our preschoolers for a successful future.

School Age

Little Einstein Preschool’s after-school programs, including Homework Zone, Kids Stations, and Kids Club, provide a structured and engaging environment for school-age children. Our programs are designed to not only help kids stay on track with their homework but also provide them with a fun and educational experience in a social atmosphere. 

Our Homework Zone is a time set aside each afternoon for children to focus on their homework. We work closely with families to come up with a homework plan that works best for them.

Kids Stations offer various activities for children to rotate through, including Investigation Station for science investigations, Creations Stations for sculpting, paintings, and crafts, On-Stage Stations for imaginative play, and Challenge Stations for games, competitions, and puzzles.

Kids Club offers a fun and engaging experience with a group huddle to plan the day, learning stations for imaginative play, outdoor adventures with state-of-the-art playground equipment and a garden for planting, group games and a special interests club such as LEGO building, stepping/dancing, gardening, beads and jewelry, and more! 

We understand that each child learns differently and has their own interests, and we strive to offer programs that are geared towards their unique needs and preferences.

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Little Einstein Preschool childcare

Book a Tour at Little Einsteins

The best way to discover what makes Little Einstein Preschool special is to see it firsthand. We provide engaging and interactive tours at our Mesa location daily. We look forward to meeting you soon and getting to know you and your child more!

Book a Tour at Little Einsteins

The best way to discover what makes Little Einsteins special is to see it firsthand. We provide engaging and interactive tours at our Mesa location daily. We look forward to meeting you soon and getting to know you and your child more!

Little Einstein Preschool childcare

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